Most of our products are shipped from mainland China. The general delivery time is 10-15 days, but there are rare cases where it may exceed this time, such as China's National Day (October) or Spring Festival (January) , I hope you can understand, if you have any questions about logistics, you can send an email to hzteapots@126.com.

After we ship the product, we will send an email including logistics information to the email address you left when placing the order. Please do not write the wrong email address, and pay attention to your email address so that you can track the logistics of the order. If there are any other For questions, please contact hzteapots@126.com.

After Delivery

Please rinse the teapot with water first when you receive it, because when we pack the product, there may be foam confetti in it, which is normal.

Because the website pictures and videos are slightly processed, the color will be slightly different, but the gap will not be very large; if the product size is not the same as expected, which is also very normal, we will not accept this reason for refund returns, because the shooting website pictures and videos will be zoomed in on the product, so that is enough to see it clearly, so I hope that you before you buy, please take a close look at the product details of the product size of the product size of the page column.

We only accept refunds and returns for products damaged during transportation, but don't worry, we have chosen a large and powerful logistics provider. We have also shipped many times and rarely have products damaged. If you encounter this issue, please contact us. Send an email to hzteapots@126.com and attach pictures of the damaged product or other information.

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping - customs and duties taxes included